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Welcome to Banana River Sail and Power Squadron's voyage through our website!

As proud members of the United States Power Squadrons and District 23 - we welcome you to an energetic group of 100 members strong. To contact the Banana River Sail and Power Squadron for more information or to contact the Bridge Officers, please use the our telephone number 321-220-7775 to leave your voice mail.

General Meetings are held at 1830 every third Monday of the month except for December.
Location: See latest information in either Dragon Tales or the Short Sheet.

Check our Squadron's newsletter Dragon Tales, Short Sheet, and on Facebook

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Upcoming Classes - Our complete list of scheduled classes

Marine Electrical Systems

The Marine Electrical Systems course is presented in seven chapters that start with an explanation of what electricity is, followed by discussions on boat electrical wiring, DC and AC electrical systems, galvanic and stray current corrosion, lightning protection, and ends with troubleshooting of boat electrical problems.

The course includes detailed instructions on how to use a multimeter, how to solder and crimp electrical wiring circuits, and how to read electrical wiring diagrams. This course can be used as a reference guide for anyone interested in properly maintaining their boat's electrical system.

This course is presented in nine two-hour sessions:

  • Day 1 - Introduction, Chapter 1: Properties of Electricity
  • Day 2 - Chapter 2: Boat Electrical Wiring Practices
  • Day 3 - Chapter 3: Direct Current Power
  • Day 4 - Chapter 4: Alternating Current Power
  • Day 5 - Chapter 5: Galvanic and Stray Current Corrosion
  • Day 6 - Chapter 6: Lightning Protection
  • Day 7 - Chapter 7: Troubleshooting Part 1; on-the-boat optional
  • Day 8 - Chapter 7: Troubleshooting Part 2
  • Day 9 - Review and Examination
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Cruising and Cruise Planning

Learn what it takes to go beyond a weekend overnight cruise or even a week or so of marina hopping. Prepare yourself to leave your normal cruising areas and comfort zones. Enjoy safe and extended cruises on both inland and coastal waters.

Designed for boaters who cruise on either a sail or powerboat (owned or chartered) this course covers the following topics:

  • Cruise Preparation and Planning
  • Boat and Equipment
  • Anchors and Anchoring
  • Security
  • Chartering
  • Cruising Outside the USA
  • Crew and Provisioning
  • Voyage Management
  • Communications
  • Navigation
  • Weather

This course is presented in approximately eight two-hour sessions.

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Basic Boating - ABC3

You will learn the fundamentals of safe boat handling, operation, and basic piloting in two 4-hr comprehensive classroom courses. This course meets Florida State and National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) requirements for certification. Completion of the course is accepted by most insurance companies. You will learn the basics of what you need to safely and comfortably go on the water with your boat. This comprehensive course includes lessons on seamanship, boat handling, boat types, rules of the road, navigation aids, regulations, adverse conditions, marine VHF radio, trailering and personal watercraft operation. An on-the-water session will also be held demonstrating trailer launching and retrieval; undocking, basic boat handling, anchoring and docking.

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